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FIT offers consulting services focused on the optimal evolution of human resources in organizations in line with the mission of our clients. FIT provides awareness based recruitment/ executive search, talent management, outplacement and training services.

Our clients are dynamic, developing, transforming organizations. We collaborate with entrepreneurs, supervisory boards and boards of directors for small, medium, and large corporations. Read more...

Awareness Based
Recruitment /
Executive Search

We are all equal as humans, but not in the market place. Each of us has unique competencies that are valuable to others through which the world respects us.

Our goal is not only to find and develop these hidden competencies, but also to raise the individual's awareness to recognise and utilize them. Read more...

Awareness Based
Talent /

Within the scope of our services, we at FIT apply our hallmark approach (based on, among other things, the convergence of the level of awareness between our clients and prospective candidates) supporting both owners and managers in making decisions about hiring key people in order to fulfil the organization's mission and vision, i.e. to optimally develop their mutual potential. Read more...


FIT understands the dynamic, continuously changing business environment of our customers. We understand their needs and offer help in applying innovative knowledge to the structure of their enterprises.

Together with our partners, focussing on our client’s specific needs, we develop and demonstrate practical solutions and their effective implementation. Read more...